Week 11: Symbolic Monuments

FIFA designated El Estadio Centenario as a monument to world soccer, including the Tribute Tower, which marks the entry to El Museo del Fútbol. The context surrounding the stadium, Parque Batlle, is filled with other symbolic monuments, like Monumento La Carreta, Obelisco a los Constituyentes 1830, Homenaje a los Campeones, and others (monument adjacent to Amsterdam stand).

Your projects belong to this family of monuments. Unlike many of these monuments, your projects are not simply celebrations of world soccer, they are critiques of soccer culture. The critiques come from Galeano’s stories. The construction of the ground, and the relationship between form, ground, and public movement should address the specifics of the site. A basic knowledge of the stuff that’s around the site is important.

Tribute Tower (Torre de Los Homenajes)
Monumento La Carreta
Obelisco a los Constituyentes 1830
Homenaje a los Campeones de 1950